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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Masters, veterans invited for touch challenge


AS part of promoting a healthy and happy work place concept, Touch Football PNG is conducting and managing a competition targeting workers over the age of 40 years for men and 30 years for women.

In a statement released recently, TFPNG President Joe Yore advised that to be eligible to play you must fit this bill, but eligibility also extends further. Even if you are under age but weigh the scales over 80 kilograms, you are qualified to play.

The challenge starts on Wed, April 7 from 5.30pm at the Port Moresby Rugby League (PRL) or Lloyd Robson oval.

Yore stated that the event is special too in that it is a eight-team competition with the over 40 players and mixed players (men+40 and women+30) and targets accountants, lawyers, insurers, public servants, miners, bankers, aviation and others.

He said each team will select a uniform colour like red, black, gold, white, blue, green, black or pink as their official colours at the time of affiliation.  The green colour has been allocated to the public sector team who secured their spot on Thurs.

The public sector team is led by healthy lifestyle promoter and MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham. Others in the insurance and aviation industries have shown interest. The Jamie Maxtone-Graham team will pay its K2,500 affiliation fee and has ordered its green colour uniforms from Woo Textiles Company.

Meanwhile, at the representative front, the over 40 men & mixed 40 men+30women can pick themselves to attend all masters tournaments both local and international because of the goals and aspirations of this level of competition, Yore said.

He said a major sponsor is being sought for the naming rights to the competition which will be named after the sponsor.

Four minor sponsors are also being sought for the team naming rights as well as other benefits on offer by TFPNG.

Brian Bell and Co is the first such minor sponsor and has sponsored balls, referees whistles, a stop watch and field cone markers valued at K1,500 last week. The challenge thanked Wayne Satchell of Brian Bell Sports for the sponsorship,

The rules of the game for this competition has a lot of fun elements in it where the jersey numbers represent the age of a player, women players touch downs are worth three points, male players over 50 years touch downs are also worth three points, one forward pass is allowed (out of seven touches) but must be over five meters forward.

Yore said this being a 7s touch competition, the winner is the team with the highest points at the end of the round robin games.

The competition starts on April 7 and TFPNG needs confirmation of teams.

The seasons draw and game for the 8 teams +40 and mixed competition is already prepared and on hand for distribution.

Further information can be obtained from:Joe Yore- President on phone 325 7293 or email- jyore@pngwater.com.pg. or Sesevi Lae- Executive Director on phone 326 2179 or 71029400 or email- seslae@daltron.com.pg.

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