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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Port Moresby launches super '6' cricket challenge

LEFT - CPNG general manager Bill Leane thanking Badili Hardware Ltd Resident Director Sri after at the launching of the Badili Hardware POMCA Super 6's in Port Moresby on Tues.
PORT Moresby Cricket clubs will now get the chance to boost their financial status with K2000 and win new cricket equipment for their clubs - thanks to Badili Hardware and Cricket PNG (CPNG).

CPNG have joined forces with Badili Hardware to stage a fast and furious super six cricket challenge.
The two day event which will be known as the Badili Hardware POMCA Super 6's will get to see who which club will be crowned the POMCA club champion.

The Badili Hardware POMCA Super 6's will be played over weekends from April 11 and 18 and April 25 and May 2.

At the officially launching on Tues, Badili Hardware Ltd Resident Director Sri said that they were very proud to be associated with CPNG and POMCA in supporting the two day cricket challenge.

CPNG general manager Bill Leane who was present to launch the Super 6's challenge together with Sri thanked Badili Hardware for their tremendous sponsorship and their continued support towards cricket.

To win each club must field a team in every grade or their points will be effected and chance to win the prize money and equipment will be reduced.

Clubs nominate a squad of 10 players only to play 6 a side, 8 overs per team, innings must be completed in 27 minutes.

All matches will be played on Colts (2), Rules (1) and Rules (2) with U/16, U/19 and A reserve grade teams playing on the first and second weekend (Sunday April 11 & 18), (U/16 & U/19 players are also eligible for B grade and A grade teams only).

And B Grade, Women and A Grade (Sunday April 25 & May 2) playing in the last two weekends.
Each event has a Badiili Hardware Super 6's trophy for winner and runner-up.

There is K2000 and a Kit of Cricket Equipment for the club who Wins over-all on points...
It's winner take all!

There are no individual awards because it is a club competition.

Equipment prize is: (6 sets of pads (3 men's and 3 juniors/women's ), 2 wkt keeping pads, 4 Bats, 8 pr batting  gloves, 2 wkt keeping  gloves, 12 practise balls)

Each competition:  5 points to Winner, 4 points to runner-up, 3 points to 3rd, 2 points to 4th and 1 point to each other participant.

The competition and teams will be:
AGrade: 1/United, 2/Coasters, 3/Taora, 4/STC, 5/Raukele, 6/Poreporena, 7/Kempa , 8/KCC
A Reserve: 1/Raukele, 2/Coasters, 3/KCC, 4/Poreporena, 5/STC, 6/Kempa, 7/United, 8/Taora
B Grade: 1/Poreporena, 2/Kempa, 3/Taora, 4/Raukele, 5/United, 6/KCC, 7/Coasters, 8/Curries
U/19: 1/STC, 2/United, 3/Poreporena, 4/Kempa, 5/KCC, 6/Coasters, 7/Raukele, 8/Taora
U/16: 1/Taora, 2/United, 3/KCC, 4/ Raukele, 5/STC, 6/Poreporena, 7/ Coasters, 8/Kempa
Womens:1/KCC, 2/Taora, 3/United, 4/Poreporena, 5/Coasters, 6/Kempa, 7/Raukele, 8/STC.

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