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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Soccer tourney held in south coast Manus

MWANUS E Ndras Development Forum (MENDF), an association of six chieftaincy areas on the islands and coast on the south coast of Manus hosted a get together (Kamesos) to discuss aspects of social, economic, environmental and leadership issues on development.

Chairperson of the forum Kisokau Pochapon said a highlight of the gathering has been a soccer tournament under the name MWanus E Ndras Kamesos Pwachole (MENKP). It is the forum's sporting activity under the forum's programs.

The meetings and the soccer tournament are being held at Pere Village on the coast and they started March 29 and will end on April 5. 31 teams comprising 20 men's and 11 women's are taking part.

During the tournament, MENKP was expected to also discuss its intention to register and participate in the National Soccer League in the country.

The tournament program is being spearheaded by coordinator Manuai Matawai and programme director Ben Tapas.

In addressing the forum's developmental issues, Pochapon said the soccer tournament for its young men and women will enhance unity, cooperation and teamwork in sports and all affairs of life.

He said socially it would redirect these young people from unwanted and undesirable activities.
Also an individual participant who has the aptitude to perform well and later on participate in the National Soccer League is on the way to achieving social, economic and leadership benefits for himself/herself, for the family, province and country.

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